Research, Research, Research

Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer
This guy’s not the only one who is totally overwhelmed. // Credit: Charlotte Zacharkiw (IG: @charlotteephoto)

So, it turns out that when one starts to plan a trip around the world–well, the whole world comes into play. How does one even begin to know where to go on a year-long adventure? (Actually, that’s a real question from me to the universe: Where should we go?!)

Where Will This Year Take Us?


We’ve got a long list of countries that we’d like to visit during this year. Our initial tickets will take us from the US to Iceland. About a week later, we’ll head to the Faroe Islands, and then several days after that, we’ll fly on to Denmark. After landing in Copenhagen, as of right now I have nothing specific planned for the rest of the year–just got a list of countries that we’d like to visit (not actually expecting to make it to all of these, but we’re aiming high):

The Beginnings of a Crazy Idea

Sam and Addie on Vatnajökull, Iceland

I can remember the exact moment I posed the question to my husband, Sam. We were in a 4WD Jeep going up the side of Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier. Granted, I should have been completely focused on the fact that we were driving up the side of a glacier in July (pretty freaking amazing), but I’m working on the whole living in the moment thing–and I was looking out the window as I was daydreaming. I turned to face Sam and asked, “Do you think it would be possible for us to take the kids out of school for a year and just travel?”