Hello, Iceland!

It has been just one week since we landed in Iceland, and now we’re sitting on an Atlantic Airways flight headed to Vagar Airport in the Faroe Islands.

—Actually we’re now on Day 3 of our time in the Faroes, but it turns out that our days are fairly packed to the point that I have had little time to even jot down what we’ve done in my notebook, let alone write a blog post. Gah, this is going to be hard if I keep moving at this rate!

And So Our Journey Begins

Current status: typing this on our first flight from Charleston to Boston; posting this a few days later from Mývatn, North Iceland

Everything we’ll need for a year(?) on our backs… and fronts

Our big day is finally here! Life has been incredibly hectic over the last few weeks—wrapping up school for the kids, wrapping up loose ends of all sorts for the parents, and lots and lots of packing. We’ve had a slew of “lasts” for now—the last stroll through our beautiful neighborhood, the last hugs goodbye from close friends, the last visit from my younger brother (who flew all the way from LA in the middle of a long-anticipated move to spend a few days with us last week), the last cuddles with our pups (currently in the excellent hands of our house/dog sitter)…

Expect the Unexpected… Like Vertigo

sick woman in bed with vertigo

I had every intention of blogging several times a week once the lovely folks behind hasOptimization.com completed the site redesign. I even brought my iPad with me last weekend on a girls’ getaway (more on that awesomeness later) so that I could write a post or two about these final weeks of planning. But all of those plans went up in flames when I got walloped by my first bout of vertigo last Friday.

…And We Leave *Next* Month!

Road leading to adventure

I know that I had a plan in mind when I booked our initial flights to Iceland way back in early fall 2018. I didn’t want there to be too much downtime after school let out in late May, where we were all antsy and ready to kick off our gap year of family travel. And yet, here we are, less than a month away from our departure, and our children seem determined to teach me a lesson about living in the present. As in, they are still completely absorbed in school! And barely thinking about our trip! How dare they?! (Just kidding. I know they’re doing exactly what they should be doing. And I’m over here doing all of the trip prep, because #MomLife.)

Let’s Go Already!

We’re four months out (122 days, to be exact) from our departure, and I’m kind of over the waiting period. We’re not bumping things up, of course, as the kids need to finish their respective school years, but I feel like I have read enough books and blogs to be dangerous. I am 100% overthinking everything, and I’m at the point where I’d just like to hit the road. That being said, you can still find me at my new favorite spot (corner table at our local public library) with a stack of travel guides, maps, my laptop, and noise-canceling headphones until school lets out.