Let’s Go Already!

We’re four months out (122 days, to be exact) from our departure, and I’m kind of over the waiting period. We’re not bumping things up, of course, as the kids need to finish their respective school years, but I feel like I have read enough books and blogs to be dangerous. I am 100% overthinking everything, and I’m at the point where I’d just like to hit the road. That being said, you can still find me at my new favorite spot (corner table at our local public library) with a stack of travel guides, maps, my laptop, and noise-canceling headphones until school lets out.

Maybe I Need a Travel Agent

This feels like the start of a joke–like, “Remember the time when Melanie lost her mind and thought it was a great idea to travel around the world with three kids on her own for a whole year?” And then the punchline would be something other than me actually doing it, right? But yet here I am, 134 days (4.5-months-ish) away from our departure, having a mere couple of weeks planned out at the beginning.