We Made it to London!

So that I don’t forget everything we’ve done recently in my attempts to catch up in this space, I’m jumping ahead a moment (and a few countries) to the past several days in London.

We flew via Aer Lingus from Cork, Ireland on Saturday, June 6th, arriving in our second Love Home Swap house swap just as the family was wrapping up and heading out.

The Cork airport was very manageable, and even though it was on the small side, they still had an Aspire airport lounge, which we were able to make use of for free, courtesy of my Priority Pass (which was included as a benefit when I signed up for my Chase Sapphire Reserve card in advance of all of this travel). The kids and I were able to grab breakfast and make use of the WiFi while we waited for our flight.

When it came time to depart, our flight completed boarding early, and so the pilot said that we could go ahead and leave early, which allowed us to get into Heathrow early, in turn. Our bags arrived quickly, and with the help of my Rick Steves Great Britain guidebook on my iPad, we made our way to the Tube entrance. There were several staffpeople standing around offering assistance, and so it was with relative ease that I purchased an Oyster card, like a Metrocard in NYC (putting $30 on it), and then buying a separate one for Ben (putting $15 on that), as instructed by one of those kind transit workers. He then took the card from me and worked some magic, registering it as a half-price card for Ben through Thursday, when we planned to leave for Bath. Addie and Henry could ride for free—I just needed to have them go through one of the wider gates accessible for strollers, luggage, etc. ahead of me.

We made our way successfully through the Tube, changing to pick up the Northern line, and riding in the correct direction to our stop, Kentish Town. When we got out, I promptly took us in the wrong direction but figured that out within half a block, so we retraced our steps and made it to the house on Gaisford Street.

There, we met the family in whose home we would be staying for the next five nights. They were on their way out, but it was nice to have a chance to actually meet them in person, as we had not done so when they stayed in our beach house earlier this year.

After Addie and I did a quick shop at a local grocery store, all four of us went out to the Lion & Unicorn, a sweet little gastropub down the street from where we were staying.

Hey there! I’m Melanie. Originally from Brooklyn, home is now Charleston, SC--or wherever my three kids and husband are. Our family gap year will take us around the world, touching down on six continents over 12 months.
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