Let’s Go Already!

We’re four months out (122 days, to be exact) from our departure, and I’m kind of over the waiting period. We’re not bumping things up, of course, as the kids need to finish their respective school years, but I feel like I have read enough books and blogs to be dangerous. I am 100% overthinking everything, and I’m at the point where I’d just like to hit the road. That being said, you can still find me at my new favorite spot (corner table at our local public library) with a stack of travel guides, maps, my laptop, and noise-canceling headphones until school lets out.

As if I didn’t already have enough travel guides at home…

I’m still sorting out the details of… most everything, and I suspect that a lot will be left up in the air for us to decide as we’re on the move. As of right now, I have our flights booked from the US > Iceland > Faroes > Denmark and have lodging arranged for the first 2.5 weeks as well as home swaps set up in Cork and London. The kids want to see A LOT, and I want them to see a lot too–and *I* want to see a lot too! But I’m also concerned about wiping us out from moving too much. The loose plan moving forward is to stay in a spot for about a week or so–possibly with the exception of a month-long stay in Paris. But that could all change in an hour as I read through yet another guidebook or online travel forum.

One thing that hasn’t changed is my desire to take this trip. If anything, it’s been the one constant. I know that it is a LONG time for me to travel virtually solo with the kids (I say “virtually,” as I’m still hoping we’ll see Sam every 6-8 weeks or so), and I have never traveled for this long on my own, let alone with three kids in tow. But there is an undeniable exigence for this journey that seems to prevent any serious doubts (for me–I know plenty of others have plenty of doubts) about whether this is the right thing to do. I don’t want to wait for the “right” time to do this–I want to *make* NOW the right time for it. I don’t want to find myself wishing, years from now, that I had been brave enough to do it–I want to look back on this time and feel proud for plowing ahead with this dream, regardless of how it turns out. I know that we will have plenty of challenges along the way, but I’m choosing to view those as opportunities for growth instead of track-stopping roadblocks.

From one of my many library finds, How to Be the World’s Smartest Traveler

We’re all healthy, thankfully, and we’re all eager for this trip (well, the kids and I are–Sam might give you another answer). And I know that four more months of waiting (or, I guess, just living our regular lives) is nothing in the scheme of things. So I’ll just be over here, doing some more reading, some more thinking, and some more dreaming until it’s finally time to do some packing…


Hey there! I’m Melanie. Originally from Brooklyn, home is now Charleston, SC--or wherever my three kids and husband are. Our family gap year will take us around the world, touching down on six continents over 12 months.
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    If not now…when? I keep saying this over and over. I admire you for taking the time and researching…nothing wrong with having a plan.

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