The Beginnings of a Crazy Idea

Sam and Addie on Vatnajökull, Iceland

I can remember the exact moment I posed the question to my husband, Sam. We were in a 4WD Jeep going up the side of Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier. Granted, I should have been completely focused on the fact that we were driving up the side of a glacier in July (pretty freaking amazing), but I’m working on the whole living in the moment thing–and I was looking out the window as I was daydreaming. I turned to face Sam and asked, “Do you think it would be possible for us to take the kids out of school for a year and just travel?”

First: stunned silence.

Then: “Um, no. I’ve got this job, remember?”

Of course I remembered. In my defense, Sam had been taking advantage of his jet lag to get some work done in the early part of the day, as we were four hours ahead of his colleagues. And he’d been fielding calls as needed throughout our trip, and answering emails, and… Well, it just seemed like he was juggling it all pretty successfully. Of course, it turns out that he was just hiding his stress well, given that I had been looking forward to this trip for so long.

My second approach: “What if I just took the kids for a year and you came and met us whenever you were able to get away from work for a bit?”

I got a MAYBE, folks. As my children can attest, maybe is often an early stop on the road to yes.

And so, after lots more thought and lots more discussion (and maybe some tears on my part), here we are: the kids and I are heading off for a year of travel, beginning in June 2019. Sam will join us for the first couple of weeks and then again here and there as he can manage it.

You probably have lots of questions–and I might even have a few answers for you. But let’s save those for another time, shall we? I’ve got some planning to do.


Hey there! I’m Melanie. Originally from Brooklyn, home is now Charleston, SC--or wherever my three kids and husband are. Our family gap year will take us around the world, touching down on six continents over 12 months.
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    Yes! I’m your number one blog fan. I’m ready to read about this adventure.

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